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Vladimir Danay

IMDB : Vladimir Danay - IMDB(nm9398863)

Владимир Данай





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Twice in one river

Twice in one river

An ordinary family - Sergey, Lena and two children - are experiencing another family crisis. Love has cooled down for a long time, the couple forgot what they were striving for, and most importantly, they no longer remember why they were together. Misunderstanding and understatement in the family leads to the fact that Lena begins to suspect her faithful of virtual treason - too much time Sergey spends on the computer in the Internet chat. To return her husband, Lena goes to Chat under the guise of a 20-year-old girl. Sergei, who does not suspect that this is his wife, completely forgets about the existence of the real Lena. A virtual romance is already threatening to break up in a real family, but the case intervenes ...

Life Ahead

Life Ahead

Old classmates finally meet each other after 15 years since graduation from school and that's an amazing opportunity to travel back in time. Old secrets and personal vendettas, hard feelings and first loves turn to fever pitch.

The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal

The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal

The Russian Czar Peter the Great commissions Jonathan Green, an English traveller, to map the Far East territories of the Russian Empire. Green sets off on yet another long journey, full of unbelievable adventures, which eventually leads him to China. On his way, the famous cartographer makes breath-taking discoveries, meets mysterious creatures, Chinese princesses, deadly masters of oriental martial arts, and even Lun Van, the King of Dragons, himself. What could be more perilous than looking into the eyes of Viy? Only meeting him again… What will prevail this time — the unflinching scepticism of the scientist or ancient black magic, which has already gained influence over the Far East Lands?


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